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Recent tweets by Horse_Ebooks.

@Horse_Ebooks was a twitter account which was initially designed to be a spam bot to promote Ebook website, but soon became more of a joke bot than an advertising machine. It has been running for over three years, although posts ended abruptly on 14 September, 2013, when it was revealed that Horse_Ebooks had been sold in 2011 and was now connected to the Youtube channel Pronunciation Book and Bear Stearn Bravo as part of an ARG (alternate reality game.)

Horse_Ebooks ContentEdit

Horse_Ebooks usually tweets small pieces of text taken from other works, will also occasionally post promoting various Ebook sites, although most link to Most of the tweets seem random and silly, but many seem to flow together in an almost poetic way, but never form any kind of cohesive narative. Some examples of tweets are: 

"In less than three weeks you can be looking at things differently, more creatively, if you"

"The interviews can be shorter since you would have many"

"Do these simple things, and you are guaranteed to keep your license (or regret it)"

The unusual tweets, and its divergence from the methods used by most twitter bots gained Horse_Ebook a large following. As of September 2013, Horse_Ebooks had a following of over 220,000 twitter accounts.

What it Really WasEdit

On 24 September, 2013, Horse_Ebooks tweeted a link to the Youtube channel Pronunciation Book and a websitet with a choose your own adventure animation called Bear Stearns Bravo. That same day, an article was published by the New Yorker revealing that the Horse_Ebooks was owned by Jacob Bakkila and was being used to promote their main art project, Bear Stearns Bravo. It also announced a collaboration between Bakkila and the founder of Pronuncation Book, Thomas Bender, to work on Bear Stearns Bravo. 


Horse_Ebooks gained a very large and active following of over 200,000 twitter accounts. Fans praised it for what seemed to be an oddball sense of humor and snippets of text that seemed almost like poetry. It spawned many varieties of fan art, fan fiction, and even poetry and stories made entirely from snippets tweeted by Horse_Ebooks.

The announcement of the connection between Bear Sterns Bravo, Pronunciation Book, and Horse_Ebooks was received poorly by many fans of the now dead twitter phenominan. Many fans felt betrayed that something they had though to be a program printing randomly selected snippets of text was a person making a concious decision about every word, every peice of information posted.  Many fans of Horse_Ebooks were also upset about the seven dollar pay wall required to full access Bear Stearns Bravo.