Bear Stearns Bravo

Bear Stearns Bravo

Bear Stearns Bravo is a collaberative preformance art project between Jacob Balikka and Thomas Bender. The primary feature of Bear Sterns Bravo is a animated choose your own adventure story. There is also a  seven dollar pay wall which grants users membership and access to a forum to discuss a related ARG (Alternate Reality Game). Several more videos are related to the world established in the choose your own advernture clip, as well as several text stories and instructions for playing out a real world portion of the ARG taking place in Los Angeles.

On September 24, 2013, it was revealed that the twitterbot Horse_ebooks as well as the Youtube channel Pronunciation Book were directly connected to the performance art project Bear Stearns Bravo.


  • BSB makes many references to TIMM, and seems to replicate its cheesy tone, and so is likely set in the same universe, if not directly being related.
  • BSB may have to do with the 2008 recession and the fall of Bear Stearns, a global investment bank.

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