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How To Pronounce ASUS

How To Pronounce ASUS

The very first video posted by Pronunciation Book. Uploaded on Apr 14, 2010.

The Pronunciation Book YouTube channel first arrived on the Internet on the 14th of April, 2010. Since then it has caputred the internet's attention and then proceeded to drive much of it insane.

Early VideosEdit

The First Videos made by pronunciation book were in struction on how to pronounce simple words or phrases. Over time the words being pronounced became more obscure and more complex.

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The CountdownEdit

Ending on September 24th 2013, the Countdown began on July 9th, starting with Day 77. The Day 77 video is 19 seconds long, six seconds of which are taken up by the same male voice as narrates the hundred other Pronunciation Book videos saying, "Something is going to happen in seventy-seven days". 
How to Pronounce 77

How to Pronounce 77

The first video in the Pronunciation Book Countdown.

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