How To Pronounce ASUS-000:06

How To Pronounce ASUS-0

The first video released by Pronunciation Book

Pronunciation Book first began releasing videos on  14 April, 2010, starting with ASUS

Earliest VideosEdit

The earliest videos of pronunciation book were very short six to ten second videos. They chose words seemingly at random and proceed to explain the pronunciation of each word, generally following the patter of saying the word, parcing out and enunciating each sylabal, then saying the word again. Occasionally, a video would also be run on how to pronounce short phrases.

Pronouncing the English AlphabetEdit

Basic English How to Pronounce the Letter A00:10

Basic English How to Pronounce the Letter A

How to Pronounce the Letter A

About 5 months after the first video, Pronunciation Book's first break from its formula cam when it began pronouncing the English alphabet, rather then single words or short pharses. All of the alphabet vieos were upload one after anohter on 12 September, 2010. After the alphabet videos, Pronunciation book returned to pronouncing short terms or phrases, which continued for another year and a half. 

Preceding the CountdownEdit

How to Ask for Help in English01:03

How to Ask for Help in English

How to Ask for Help

Begining on 14 April, 2012, Pronunciation Book began relasing consideably longer videos, some running upwards of ninety seconds. These minute to minute and a half videos seemed to be give starnge advice on what to say for a number of common situations. However, the later videos in this section became more and more storylike, sometimes going into the lives of several recouring characters, such as the chief and Nicole
How to Pronounce Nicole10:01

How to Pronounce Nicole

How to Pronounce Nicole

. While fragments of  a larger story could be seen in many videos during this period, most had little or nothing to do with one another and served more to provide snippets of information about a fictional world.These videos culminated with the video Nicole, which was posted to Youtube on 10 November, 2012. After publishing Nicole, Pronunciation book abruptly returned pronouncing single words or short phrases until the beginning of the countdown on 9 July, 2013

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